Of reflections, sunrises and water...

Blushing This absolutely wonderful morning, turned into dazzling real fast.  As I was enjoying the quiet, I felt the early warmth of the first sun rays on my back.  I looked up and saw the high clouds blushing at their reflection in the still waters below.

Sun kissed morning

The fog was swirling on the distant shore, and the clouds started to move quicker, although on the peer there was almost no wind and the water was quite still.  The birds increased their calls as to welcome the warmth after a cold night, and the still masts reflected their salute.

Never ending skies

The heavens touched the waters, bathing in still reflections of unity and never ending peace, until...


The east erupted in brilliance, and breathtaking beauty.  What happened next will be concluded in the upcoming post.... so stay tuned, and enjoy!