Of stars, tripods and sunrises...

So on my recent ad-hoc trip to Wabamum lake I started of with some light painting.  In actuality it was more camera painting, because, being the silly person as I am, I have totally forgot my tripod.  Instead of sitting in my car, having a couple of hours before the sunrise, and kicking myself, I decided to improvise a little.  Using the hood from one of the lenses, and a little soft bean bag I managed to perch my camera on the roof of the car.  I set the ISO, and manual focus to infinity (and beyond), and tried as hard as I could to compose the frame, before placing the camera on the makeshift stand.  Luckily I always carry the remote shutter release cable, so I was able not to disturb the camera on longer exposures.  Using different shutter times and a few pictures later, I managed to get one above, of my favourite constellation of Orion. Venus

Next I moved my setup to a pick-nick table nearby, and point the lens due east.  Venus always rises before the sun, or sets right after, and there she was in full glory (the brightest point in the sky on the left).  From the colours of the sky I figured that the sunrise is near, so I cleaned up the makeshift camera stand, and headed out on the jetty.  The clouds were rolling in slowly, and there was almost no wind, so the lake was promising wonderful reflections.

Lake Wabamum

It was a chilly morning, and the morning fog was forming on the shores.  It was absolute silence, punctuated only by sporadic duck and geese calling to each other.

Wabamum Marina

Absolutely wonderful morning, which I will continue with tomorrow...