Onward we go - Scotland with Fuji

The thing about any long journey is that you don't mind the stops on the way. Each one such stop, during this trip, was lovely and made us more and more eager to continue the drive to see what else is there. What new treasure we were going to encounter.. The clouds were heavy with rain, yet again,  and we needed to move on in order to get to our destination before the end of the day... We left Glen Coe and drove on to the next stop - St. Dubhthach's Church and Burial Place. We took only one beak in between, but boy, what a view it was, when the clouds suddenly opened up and the rays of sun went straight down to illuminate the waters of one of the lakes we have been passing .. It was.. pure magic! And, as it usually is with magic, it lasted only a moment.. Good thing I had my Fuji with me and took the picture (or two), in attempt to capture the light as it shone.. Alas, the time was running so we drove on and eventually took a pleasant half hour, or so, visiting another picturesque location. The place was peaceful. The clouds were heavy, giving a nicely dramatic background to the surrounding mountains. The old ruins of a church and the beautifully maintained resting place of generations of people who lived their lives close by was inviting.. If you are ever close to St. Dubhthach's Church, take a moment and visit. It's well worth the effort.