Out and About - Scotland with Fuji

There are a lot of beautiful spots all over the Isle of Skye. We have done our share of driving and took many stops on the way, charmed by the view. The traveler in me could not resist recording the images. Here is what I saw, before we came back to our B&B late that night, where I finished the day with a night shot of the starry sky.  One of the spots we have stopped by for a short visit, was the Skye Museum of Island Life. Others were places we crossed on our way to Moonan Bay and the sunset with a view at Neist Point Lighthouse (these pictures I will share in the next post). The sky was always changing from heavy cloud cover, to almost clear, the company was fun, the views, quite simply, amazing. What more can one hope for during any trip?!  I am so lucky to be able to share these pictures with you. I hope you still enjoy this diary of my adventures with Fuji on the gorgeous Isle of Skye ;D