Prairie winter sunsets - part 3

Weather has not been cooperating lately.  This is the last sunset that I managed to shoot and it has a little story.  The second image is of a valley near to where I work.  I did not realize that it existed.  I thought all around was this flat farm land, but as you can see I was very wrong.  I discovered it by accident.  I was driving to find a good spot for the sunset, which wasn't very spectacular, as there were no clouds in the sky, and I turned into a dead end road.  At the end I noticed something different about the scenery, then the regular farmlands, so I went to investigate.  Crossed over the snow drift, and after two or three steps, I was at the edge of the ravine.  There were no posts, gates, fences, anything to indicate I was on private property.  Suddenly, while I was admiring the scenery, I heard something approaching.  I looked and there was this big black, what looked like a German Sheppard mix running towards me.  The only way for me to go was down this very steep hill, so I stood my ground with my heart in my throat, thinking that no one will find me, once this dog gets me.  That's it... game over... I'm done.  So I took a couple more photos, and.... and.... nothing happened.  I looked over once more, and this huge beast was standing there with a stick in his mouth and tail wagging like crazy.  So.... we played fetch.  I guess I should have taken some shots of the dog, but I was so relieved that I was not going to be eaten, that I wasn't thinking straight.  Here is what I got that day.  Enjoy! Mac