Road Trip! - Part 1: Road

So a couple of weeks past few friends of mine and I decided to go for a little photo trip out to the mountains.  Since if one wants to get to the mountains from our lovely Edmonton, it's at least 4 hour drive, we decided to leave around 5am.  So at around 4:30 we piled into my friends big R-Class Mercedes, when I noticed this on his license plate. Stig 01

He got this made a few weeks back.  You have to be a fan of the british motoring show called Top Gear to understand this :).  It put a smile on my face and it felt that the trip is going to be great.

Foggy Sunrise

The morning walk up foggy, but the sun soon warmed and peaked over the horizon.


Once we arrived in the Banff National Park we were passed by these guys.  We didn't argue.


More in the next post.