Roads through the mountains - Alberta Rockies

After leaving the bubbles of Abraham Lake behind, we plunged into the no-man's lands of Alberta Rockies.  This early in the morning the roads were empty.  Lack of traffic allowed us to stop frequently and admire the rugged beauty of the Alberta landscape.  Low clouds were rolling in and mostly obscuring the peaks.  This looks so much different in full sunlight and blue skies.  Funny enough we prefer this kind of weather, to blue skies and sunshine.  Photographically speaking of course :). Sometimes it was very hard to continue driving, as the weather changed every minute, providing different views and compositions. 

I find it really hard to separate images and pick the best ones to add to the blog.  I like them all.  Since shooting with Fuji cameras, and adding old school film to the mix, almost every image is carefully picked before the shutter is pressed.  Possibly that is why we don't come back with million of images from a trip like this.  Then again, having landscape completely change in a span of few minutes, makes it hard not try to capture it.  Since Kasia is also using Fuji cameras, I thought that having different points of view will create more interesting images.  Yes and no.  We still see the same things in a very similar way.  I guess it's time for me to start seeing things differently.