Sailing on the Great Slave Lake in N.W.T

During our recent visit to Northwest Territories, we had an amazing opportunity to go sailing.  Personally I've never been sailing, but always dreamed of it.  I've never been a fan of speed boats, and the older I get, the more annoying it is to have to listen to the noise of the engine.  So when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped in with both feet. Leaving port on the Great Slave Lake

For those that never been to NWT, Great Slave Lake is huge.  I mean huge.  There are places where you do not see land in any direction.  We never ventured that far, because of limited time, and inherent slowness of a sail boat.  Ah but the beauty, the quiet rustle of wind in the sails, the gently lapping of water agains the hull.  Absolute dream.  Here are some pictures taken from the trip.... there are more to come, so stay tuned.

Sails, skies, and a Canadian flag

House on the lake

Canadian coast guard ship