Santa Monica

What would a vacation in California be, without seeing the ocean, and sampling of at least one beach?  I thought exactly the same thing.... so off we went to Santa Monica.  Yes there are closer beaches to Anaheim, but Santa Monica it was for a few reasons.  The main reason, was that we were meeting up with an awesome photographer there, namely Christa Meola.  I'll get to that meeting in a later post.... but let's just say, this has made my day.  It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny, albeit a little too windy at times.  The ocean was surprisingly warm.  At least warm  enough to get your legs wet.  The kids had a blast.  At one point my youngest, Sebastian, got pulled in a little by a retreating wave, and fell into the water..... of course I was snapping pictures :) ... Enjoy. Santa Monica Beach

California Coast

Oh oh!