Scotland with Fuji - Skye - First Impressions

It was rather late when we've finally gotten to Skye and we didn't have too much time to wonder about before we got to our accommodations. However, we still managed to make time to take a couple of stops. First was at Portree (to gather some supplies, mainly, but couldn't resist a short stroll down to the water ;D) and, of course, we had to stop by the Old Man of Storr.  By the time we got to that famous landmark it was getting dark, heavy clouds were covering the tops of the rocks, the wind was strong and it rained (again). However, we still managed to find some energy to climb a bit of a hill, through a very wet meadow, far enough to pass the power lines that would spoil our pictures.  In conditions like this, one develops a healthy appreciation for a camera that is weather proof.  So glad I took my Fuji with me, cause I would not be brave enough to take the few shots I did, being afraid I'd ruin my camera. I wasn't sure I'd be able to bring any good shots of the Old Man with me regardless, though, because the wind was so strong that I had to hold on to my brother who caught me before I fell of the ledge, we have chosen to set our try pods on. However, I've managed to get a few wonderfully moody pictures in, that weren't moved by the wind. After that, all that was left for us, was to get to Staffin and find our B&B... The next morning brought the sunshine back and when I woke up just before sunrise, I could not resist heading outside to explore, just a bit, before the rest of our company got up. And the views, right in front of our place, were gorgeous.  My first day on Skye has started with a beautiful sunrise and the first out of 5 rainbows I've seen that day. I don't think I've ever seen more rainbows in the span one day!! As first impressions go, I was not disappointed in the least :D