Streets of Edmonton

I always wanted to try out street photography. I've seen some great street photos, portraits, situations, but I was always too scared. I'm shy by nature, and really it took at lot out of me to snap these photos. About a week ago, my fried and I decided to go for a little evening walk around downtown Edmonton. We were primarily focused on architecture, but I decided that this would be a great time to try photographing people. I was taken aback by people reactions. One guy stopped by and asked what photos we were taking, all I said was "people like you" and trained my camera on him and snapped a couple of shots. He just smiled. When I took the shot of the three young people crossing the street, they actually apologized. I guess they thought I was photographing something else. I found the whole experience very interesting and exciting. Now I just have to find a little time to go out where there are people. Enjoy.



What are you photographing?