Summer Travel - Alberta Travel Photography

I'm not very happy that summer passes so quickly in these parts.. There is not enough time to take full advantage of it, however, we do what we can.  This year we have had a rare opportunity to take some of my family and friends along for a trip to the Rockies.  It was a wonderful adventure, though there was not much time for fine art photography.  There is simply not enough time to wait for a perfect light / conditions, especially when you try to cram as many places to show your visitors as you can. However, one can always practice a bit of travel / family photography while visiting all those beautiful places in Alberta Rockies.

Today, I am going to share some pictures I have taken during our first day visiting Jasper National Park. We were lucky, for most parts, to escape the haze caused by smoke from the BC fires that have been covering our skies far too frequently this year. The first evening, after we arrived, welcomed us to Jasper with beautiful golden light and, as always, breathtaking scenery. We have also been able to see some of the wildlife at the park. We have also been able to show our visitors what not to do, while we encounter animals.  It always amazes me how tourists leave caution behind and get too close to wild animals to take a picture. There are, pretty much, always either elk or mountain sheep close to the highway there, between Talbot and Jasper Lakes. People, not only stop by suddenly, while driving to get a closer look (we are talking here Trans-Canada Highway, which is very busy most of the time with all sorts of vehicles, including huge trucks that pass by every time of day and night, which will not be able to stop suddenly), but also leave their vehicles and walk up to those animals to take a picture, letting their children do the same.  This year, with free park passes, there were a lot more first time visitors, it seems, and, perhaps they never realized the danger of such behavior... However, my hope is, with mentioning about this in my post, I will be able to raise awareness of this danger.  The animals may seem docile, but you never know what might spook them, and when they are scared, they will do whatever it takes to escape, which includes attacking people who are too close and blocking their way. I won't even mention the danger of trying to cross busy highway on foot to get to those animals...

But, enough of this. Let's enjoy first part of this visit to the Rockies!