Sunflowers and more

The weather continues to be absolutely wonderful and, since summer is not going to last forever (definitely a bummer, the way I see it) one has to use all available opportunities to be outside and soak up all the sun and scenery.  And we're doing just that yesterday while visiting Bowden SunMaze!  It's located about 30 km south of Red Deer, AB and we have arrived there shortly after noon and spend hours getting lost in sunflower maze enjoying wonderful sea of sunflowers, occasional ear of corn and an army of busy bees pollinating all those golden treasures.

We have decided to stay for a sunset, since sunflower fields are not that common around here and we would not be able to come back this year.  The evening sun was painting all the surrounding fields beautiful colours and I was in photographer's heaven :D

It was a great outing!! I have taken lots of pictures and, I am sure, I will share some more, especially when our world turns dull with winter's approach and we all will miss the golden tones of setting sun and bright and gorgeous sunflowers... Until next time!