Photo updates

Just a quick note. I'm still around.... Got my feet wet with my first wedding, up to my neck. A very good friend of mine Artur volunteered to help with the pictures. It was great that he did. A tremendous help. Thank you Artur! Between both of us we got approximately over 1300 photos. Now I have to go through them all, pick, delete, edit etc. etc. I guess I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Overall I think it went great. Looking through the photos quickly, while they were being imported to the computer, I saw many that were actually not too bad.The wedding wasn't a big event, just about 40-50 people, and everyone was very nice. During the dinner Dustin had a projector running with a slide show of all the previous pictures that I took with them. People were actually impressed with them!!! I even got a cheer, when Dustin announced that it was me that took them. Yes the male ego was satisfied :), and just so you know, me and Artur were doing this pro bono. At the end, we both agreed that this is not what we would like to do on a regular basis. Now time to get to the photos. I just hope I can finish that task before Jenn and Dustin get back from their honeymoon.