Before the winter comes - Part 1

I think that absolutely the best iPhone camera application is Hipstamatic.  With the wide arrangements of lenses films and effects, it gives the user a great outlet for creativity.  I hardly ever use the normal camera application in the iPhone.  Hipstamatic is permanent fixture of the front page applications, for easy and quick access.  Yes it only simulates certain old school film types and lenses, but it does it quite brilliantly.  Here are some  shots I took with it while driving around, one day during a lovely foggy, sad day.  Enjoy. The House

Forgotten Field

Old Farm

Trees in the Fog



Denver - Flight

Yes I'm getting behind again.  This trip was almost a month ago, but with the amount of pictures lately, it's been tough to keep things current.  Nonetheless it 's the pictures that really matter.  So Denver  was our destination.  It was a business trip, and unfortunately I did not see much of the city.  The hotel we stayed in was quite a ways away, and most of the day was spent learning.  I did bring my camera with me, because I figured that if I ask nicely I could get some boudoir shoots done.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Here are some shots taken with Hipstamatic during the flight.  Enjoy. Airplane



Almost there

Gloomy End of Summer

So despite being in denial about the end of summer here in Edmonton, I do have to finally acknowledge that it is ending.  Usually the end of summer is one of my favourite times of the year.  It's usually an explosion of nature colours, wonderful time of morning mists, and cold blue skies.  Technically we are still in the summer months, but it wasn't it like this last monday.  The beginning of the week woke up cold and gloomy.  Like this. Road




I think I should find some happier pictures.


Funny thing just occurred to me.  I take lots of photos, of everything, but hardly any of my own family.  Maybe it's because I see them all the time?  I don't know.  So that's why I put this compilation of photos, from a couple of our trips this summer.  Yeah I know, my kids are cute.... I mean all you have to do is, look at their parents :)  Enjoy. Sebastian