The dinosaurs are alive!!! - part 1

Dinosaurs We just got back from an amazing trip back in time.  We visited a new park near Edmonton called the "Jurassic Forest" . It's located about 15 min north of Edmonton, and it's a 40 acre prehistoric preserve.  It's a wonderful place to visit.  The dinosaurs are full size and they are set in the forest, making for more natural experience.


Are these real??

A herd.

There are two walking trails the South and North loop, which showcase the life of various dinosaurs found around Alberta.  It's actually quite cool to be walking down the trail and in a split second facing a row of sharp teeth and piercing eyes staring at you from between the trees.  At that moment you really hope,that  you have not traveled back in time!

You're dinner!

People who work there are very friendly, and know their dinosaurs.  We had a tour guide, that told us all about the park, and the dinosaurs, and was really good with engaging the kids.  She was genuinely happy to walk around with us, and explain how the park was built, and how the dinosaurs came to live there.  I did manage to snap a picture of her, but I did not ask for her name.

Tour Guide

The park I think is more designed for kids, than adults, although we had just as much fun as the kids.  Even the normal warning signs are done with a little humor, like this:

No Pets!

Overall it's a great place to visit.  Even have a little picnic.  There is a little store where you can buy food, but it's perfectly fine to bring your own and sit down and relax at a picnic table in a nice shaded area.

I have a few more photos to share from our trip, so they'll be posted a little later.  I think the coolest thing was, once we exited the car on the parking lot, we heard the roar of the dinosaurs in the distance.  Definitely will be coming back.