The great outdoors - Boudoir Photography

Choosing an outdoor location for your boudoir photography session can be a challenge.  Not only you have to be wary of the general public, who usually like to gawk, but also be wary of mosquitoes and other biting bugs.  Gawkers are a normal thing, since it's hard not to look at a beautiful woman, but the bugs can be a bit problematic, since they leave ugly bite marks on your skin.  Outdoor boudoir sessions are a lot of fun with tons of ideas that are rather difficult to shoot inside.  Since the light is very important, they are best to do in the early morning or in the evening.  During those times the sun light takes on a golden color and it is not as harsh as during the early afternoon hours of the day.  So with a little planning, an outdoor boudoir session can be very successful.  Here are some images from our latest session with Miss N.  Enjoy!

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