The last day in Spain

With a great sadness we have said our good-byes to our friends in Almerimar and undertaken the long drive back to Madrid.  The views, again, were quite lovely and I have taken a few shots (again) of the lovely wind turbines that make the scenery even more picturesque..

We have chosen slightly different route this time and were hoping to be able to stop on the way in Granada and visit Alhambra.

The palace of Alhambra is rather famous for it's great Moorish architecture and rich history and I always wanted to visit it. Unfortunately we were unable to gain entry to the palace itself.  To preserve it only a certain amount of visitors is allowed daily and we were just too late.. When we approached the entry they were just announcing that fact over the loud speakers.. During the high season, in order to visit the place one has to book tickets on line well in advance, otherwise there is no way to get inside... So... since we have planned to stop there anyway, we have decided to, at least, visit the grounds and took a long walk around the palace.  The weather was gorgeous and everything was blooming and so green that it was a delightful break in our long drive. Of course, I was not only interested in the architecture of the place but, as usual, gave in to my fascination with plants so different than what I am used to.. And here is a few shots from there:

We were given only glimpses of the palace buildings, stolen through shrubbery and walls.. I'd love to see them closer, but, will have to wait for the next time..

Being located on top of a hill Alhambra has a wonderful view of the surrounding Granada, which we could spot also from our walk:

It was very pleasant there. Quite a restful place, where you can be surrounded with greenery and listen to the sounds of trickling water..

But, as everything, this little respite in our journey had to come to an end and we left Alhambra, promising that one day we shell be back!  For now Scotland was waiting for us, with it's wonderful mountains and heavy skies and a promise of yet another adventure..