Total Lunar Eclipse.

Rising moon through the clouds

So the weather was perfect. A little bit of cloud on the horizon, but wispy enough that they did not block the view of the rising moon. The eclipse started around 6:43pm and I had a perfect unblocked view from my backyard. Cleared a foot of snow of the deck, setup my tripod and started shooting. First pictures were test of timing and aperture. I found that closing aperture to about F14 and setting the shutter at 1/40 gave pretty good results of the encroaching shadow on the moon.

Eclipse starting

Eclipse almost full

When the totality approached the moon did turn a shade of darker orange almost reddish hue.

Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse

The eclipse is almost over as I write this. Next one will be in December of 2010. It was a quite an amazing show. I would have loved to try this with a 2x extender to really increase the zoom. I guess I have about 3 more years to save up for one.