Traveling the unknown Alberta - Alberta Landscape Photography

Alberta Landscape

Back from my gallivanting in Europe, it was a good time to go out and hit the Alberta back roads, not too far from Edmonton.   A nice quiet drive, until we stepped outside of the vehicle to try to take a photo.  The moment the door opened, my wife and me, were swarmed by mosquitoes... hoards of them.  Not only were they buzzing around our heads, they were getting in front of the cameras, creating live "sensor dust".  As much as I love summer, and warm weather, I do not enjoy these blood suckers.  Besides that, we ventured out to parts unknown.  It's nice to just take what ever road we feel like, and just cruise with windows wide open, not hurrying to get anywhere.

Since we both switched to mirror less camera systems these trips are even easier.  Even though both of us have 2 cameras at the ready, they do not take up a lot of space.  So we can keep our bags, lenses and all the needed accessories close, in the front of the vehicle.  We can change lenses easily and quickly, because everything is at hand.  I remember this in the old DSLR days... it was either kids or cameras... choices choices :)  Here are some images from this little trip. Enjoy!