Trip to Whitecourt Alberta

This weekend a friend of mine and me, took a nice trip to Whitecourt Alberta. It's located about 2 hours north of Edmonton, and there is a great provincial park by a lovely lake Mcleod. Next few posts will be pictures from the trip. Overall the trip was very good, even though the weather did not cooperate fully. On the way there we almost turned back, as it was raining so hard that the wipers could not keep up. Once we arrived though, the rain has almost stopped, making possible to visit the lake. I'm going to start off in the middle of the trip with two macros of a strange bug, that my friend picked up in the forest. I have no idea what they are, so if you have any ideas, please don't be afraid to jump in.

Bug 2

Canon 5D 1/160 ISO 320 f/5 100mm

Bug 1

Canon 5D 1/250 ISO 320 f/5 100m