Try some architecture for a change

Office Building

I saw this building when I was downtown Edmonton, the other day. I thought that entrance arch would make a interesting picture. Although the light was not very good, I managed to stand in front of the building and snap this photo. I would have tried different angles, but I was chased away by the building security guard. I was told that this was private property and was not allowed to take pictures of the building. I thought that was a little silly, but I put a nice smile on my face, apologized and when on my way. Luckily I wasn't told to delete any photos. I think I will have to do some reading and find out what exactly my rights are, so I don't get into those situations. After this unfortunate incident I moved practically next door to a church.


I wanted to try out some wide angle shots. I think they worked, but like I said, the light wasn't very good, and did not bring out the beautiful red of the brick of the church. I tried it with the building I was chased from, but I think it might look better in black and white. Here is another shot of the church.


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