Two Spring Sunsets - Alberta Landscape Photography

One could say that winter is officially done.  As my wife pointed out in her post of a first proper Alberta landscape sunset, the wait is finally over.  I think it is safe to say, that we are back to the big Alberta skies, and perfect time for more spring and summer Alberta landscapes. It is so nice to be able to go out, in a T-shirt and feel the warmth of a setting sun, smell of the earth, and hear a high pitched buzz of a mosquito. Yep, they are out there already.  It's really unnerving when you are focused on taking that great image, and hear that familiar buzz in your ear.  Do I swat it and ruin the image, or wait it out??  Times likes these I'm glad I have a digital camera.

I took these images over the last couple of days.  First it was a planned trip.  We left early enough to find a spot, setup, and get ready.  The second was a typical "Hey, do you see the clouds?? We have 10 minutes, grab the dog and the cameras! Lets go!" type of deal.  Both times the Sony 10-18 got a nice work out.  It's a great lens.  Beautifully wide to capture the big Alberta skies, and sharp for great detail.  Did I mention it's light?  Not to mention the Sony NEX camera's flip up screen, which allows to get the camera down low, with out subjecting myself into lying down in the mud, or shooting blind.  You must forgive me, I'm getting older, and unlike my co-host from Shutter Time with Sid and Mac podcast, who likes to get muddy and dirty on her wildlife shoots, I like to stay relatively clean and dry.  Call it lazy, or lack of dedication, but I say why get dirty if I don't have to :)

So here are the shots from the last two days.  Enjoy the sunsets!


alberta landscape sunset field

sunset alberta landscape edmonto

edmonton landscape sunset alberta

alberta storm landscape sunset

alberta storm landscape sunset

storm landscape sunset clouds alberta

storm sky alberta landscape sunset