Week 3 Olympic Results


Last challenges, Blurry Mess and Pollution, were brutal to our team. We didn't get any points, which meant that we dropped to second place in overall standings. Blurry Mess was especially hard. Here are the results of week number 3:
Blurry Mess
Budya - Purple Pandemonium
Bruski - Ancient Medicine
Dudski - Dreams Ablaze
Artvet - Repressed Desires
MAK - Light-On-Light
AP - Metropolis Emissions
CptPoland - The Future?
Personally I was disappointed that my picture did so poorly. Oh well. Complete current standings can be found here.
This week (week 4) is almost coming to an end, and I must say that we have very very good scores so far. I will post the results once the voting is over on Tuesday.