Week 7 Submission

Thank you everyone for great comments. I have tried to redo the Iceberg shots. Give them more life, but for some reason could not repeat it. Here are the remixes of Iceberg shots:



Don't know if it's the composition or the light. I mean they do look ok, but not for a submission. At least I don't think so.
Going through the original pictures I found one I must have missed initially. Did some quick editing, and here it is:

Icebergs basking in the moon light

One regret I have is that I didn't shoot it with a higher aperture. I had it set for 5.6, and really should have had it at 16 or even higher. This would have probably made the two little icebergs sharper. Overall these pictures were challenging in themselves. Lots of flour, about 1.5kg of it. Good thing none of it went to waste.

I took, some plastic containers, packed them tight with flour, and made little forms on a mirror. Then came shaping cracking of the molds to make them appear a little more authentic. Then used a normal desk lamp, but changed the lightbulb to a blue one. The light on the "sky" is a little LED light on a dark blue velvet. I wish I could have added more things to the picture like little stars of sorts, but it is what it is. Hopefully it won't be a major disappointment.