Where are the Eagles?

A coworker gave a great tip where I could find some bald eagles.  It's an old gravel pit, which right now is a little lake.  He showed me some pictures that he was able to take with his little point and shoot camera, and there were 5 0r 6 bald eagles just sitting calmly in the trees.  So I decide to go on a hunt myself.  I did see one young eagle, but it was too far away.  Even with my 400mm zoom it would make a good shot.  Maybe it was beacause there were a few people around, and they got scared away.  I'm planning to visit that spot again to see if maybe I can get a couple of good shots. Since I couldn't get a shot of an eagle, I didn't want to leave empty handed.  Here are some random shots I too while there.  Enjoy. Guard

Dusty Road

Skeletons in the woods


Diagonally in a row