Writing-on-Stone - Travel Photography

On the way from Waterton National Park to Drumheller, we decided to stop at Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park. I have been meaning to take a trip there for a while now and was excited to finally be able to do so. Although in Waterton area the smoke cleared up, majority of the time we've spent driving through a very hazy world . The fires in British Columbia, this year, have created very many hazy days over the summer, but this one was one of the worst.  There were moments when the haze let up a bit, but all in all it was pretty thick.  It was a pity, because the views, we encountered, were quite spectacular. The landscape at Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park is, simply, out of this world. Drumheller has nothing comparing to this place in terms of hoodoos (at least, what is accessible to motorized tourists). The weird rock formations were covering the sides of the whole river valley as far as eye could see.. And, as an added bonus, the valley has been used by Native Americans as a place of keeping records, carved in stones of the hoodoos. Some of them, we were told, over a thousand years old.  It is, definitely, a place I would like to explore some more, since we did have just enough time to take one of the shortest hikes, giving us a glimpse of this amazing slice of Alberta. See for yourself.. ;D