Happy Birthday - The Preparation

It's that time of year again, when my absolutely brilliant wife celebrates her 20th birthday.  The rest, as she puts it, is just more years of experience :).  This year, the boys and I, decided it would be good to make our own cake, instead of running to a store and getting one there.  So I got Jamie Oliver on my iPhone and picked a cake that I know my lovely wife, Kasia, would love.  A coffee and rum cake. OK I'm not a baker, by any means, and after reading the list of ingredients, and the instructions... about 25 times, just to make sure I understand everything, I had eureka moment.... this baking stuff is like putting together an IKEA furniture.  Just follow the instructions, and use the appropriate tools.... this is going to be easy.  Ah famous last words, you might say.... Nope, not this time.  It was actually quite easy.  Everything just flowed as it should.  Maybe we weren't as efficient in the kitchen, as a proper cook/baker would be... and apart from some spills and a little flower fight (we're men after all) all came out very similar to what the picture of the cake looked on the iPhone.  Success!!!

The cake is chilling in the fridge right now, waiting for tonight festivities.  Just hope it doesn't taste like saw dust :)

Happy Birthday Love!  Maybe you be 20 for ever!