Zion - Landscape Photography

Zion - Landscape Photography

Being an opportunistic photographer, I don't have the luxury of time, and spending a few days at a location, waiting for mother nature to smile.  I take what I'm given :)  Some say, that I'm wasting my time and pixels, but I disagree.  Sometimes this works, and sometimes this doesn't. 

Drumheller - Part 1

Last weekend the whole family decided that we all need to go for a little day trip.  After this long winter, it was necessary.  So we decided that we haven't seen the heart of Alberta's dinosaur graveyard in a very long time.  Walk up in the early morning, packed lunch, and off we went to Drumheller.  Enjoy part one of the series.

Las Vegas

We had an opportunity to visit Las Vegas for 4 days with my company. It was a wonderful trip albeit very tiring. One thing I have to say, it's not a city to take small kids to. There is lots of walking involved if you want to visit all the sites, or you have tons of money then you can cab it. I did some photos of the strip, but they your typical snaps, which are not really worth mentioning, since everyone seen Las Vegas strip many many time. The photos I want to present were taken on a car trip to Valley of Fire and Hoover Dam. We rented a car for a day picked a few interesting tourist spots and went on our way. This was the time when I was kicking myself for not taking my proper camera. The photos were taken with my Leica D-Lux 3. It's a nice small point and shoot style camera that actually captures RAW images. But I'm not going to do a review of it, since you can find it all over the internet. Back to the trip. First we visited Valley of Fire.

Valley of Fire

It is a park situated about 40 minutes out of Las Vegas. I would assume they called it Valley of Fire is because this whole desert valley, surrounded by very old mountains, has these red/orange rock formations thrown all over it. All these rock formations have been carved by water.

Faces in the rock

It's definitely a place I could have spent more time on. But time was short, so we had to press on. On to the Hoover Dam. The scenery on the way was absolutely breath taking. The total emptiness of the desert and the mountains is just humbling.

Valley of Fire

Desert Mountains

Hoover Dam was another amazing site. The sheer size of the structure, just wow.

Hoover Dam

The rest of the photos can be found here. We got back monday morning at about 3:30. I would love to visit these places again with more time and a proper camera. Maybe someday.