A day at the farm - Lifestyle Photography

A couple of weeks ago, I spent a very nice morning at an abandoned farm with Miss N.  It was a perfect day to experiment a little.  With three cameras and 85mm f1.8, 50mm f1.2 and 35mm f1.4, I had plenty of options.  I really don't like changing lenses in the field, as this introduces dust into the camera.  Also having a mirror less cameras makes it even worse, because the sensor is fully exposed when the lens is removed. Miss N, was absolutely wonderful to work with.  Full of energy and full of ideas to add to the whole session.  We started off very early in the morning, at 6:30am, just to be able to catch the best light.  Miss N was ready from the start.  It is great when you working with a person like that.  The whole session is a lot more fun and time just flies by.  We got a lot of images that day, and I would like to share with you some I would call lifestyle photography, with a beautiful woman, a beautiful dress and the contrast of an old farm.  Enjoy!

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woman sad beautiful dress farm edmonton

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Poetry of figure, of snow and light... part 1


I had a great pleasure in working with Joyanna Marie a few weeks ago.  We decided to meet up at Elk Island National park, bright and early at sunrise.  When I planned the session, I wasn't expecting the weather to turn a little frosty.  It was -29C that morning, and I was worried a little that Joyanna would not arrive.  I was proven wrong.  This wasn't a long shoot, because both of us were freezing.... she more than me, as you can see in the images.  Enjoy!

Streets of Calgary in Yellow

This whole photo session happened, as you probably guessed already in Calgary.  Randy Pond and me went out to visit, and just take a breath of different air.  We spent a good 6 hours walking around downtown Calgary, just having a wonderful time with Tatiana.  She has a great personality, and is absolutely wonderful to work with.  Here are randomly taken pictures... Enjoy!

Summer in Winter?

I came up with this crazy idea on a spur of a moment.  I'm always thinking about weird things, things that don't belong, and this summer in winter wasn't any different.  I just needed someone to do it with.  It's not an easy task, to be dressed in summer clothes when it's -5C outside, but I managed to find a willing soul.  I picked up Jenn at around 7am and we headed out to Elk Island National park. Summer yet?

The sun has just risen, and the morning fog left beautiful frost on the tree branches.  I was hoping for a little more snow, but the weather a week before was quite warm, and a lot of the snow had melted away.  Still because of the morning fog, frost, and pale blue skies, it gave an illusion that it was really cold.

Looking for summer

Jenn was a trooper.  Heels, and a summer dress when it was -5C outside.  Amazing.  I had a couple of blankets with me so she could warm up a little between takes.  I'm not that evil.... :)


During the shoot, I've done something I've never done before.  I switched my camera from my usual Av mode to complete manual (btw. this is all because of Christa Meola, and me peeking at the settings on her camera when I met up with her in California!).  I was taken aback with the results.  I was always afraid of the manual mode.  Sure I set the camera on manual when using strobes, but never like this.


There will be more from this shoot with Jenn.... so stay tuned.

Of a girl in a dotted dress, part 1

I met up with Nyla last weekend for an impromptu photo shoot in Edmonton downtown.  Although it was sunny, the winds were chilling, so we decided to find someplace inside for the shoot.  I guess it's winter in Edmonton.  After a short walk we decided to duck into the City Hall.  There is practically no one there during the weekends, but the place remains open to the public.  We had some people looking over, which is not surprising and I think the whole shoot was a success.  Here are my favourites. Enjoy. Nyla