Cabo de Gata - As I Saw It..

You've all seen Mac's wonderful landscapes in his post Cabo De Gata and more Fuji X-Pro Landscapes.  It always makes me amazed how different two photographers can see the same place.  When Mac was concentrating on landscapes I took time to look closer at flora of the place as well as the wonderful and so different scenery. Of course we have stopped by the beach somewhere between the villages of Cabo de Gata and Almadare de Monteleva. It was with a great pleasure that we have all taken a walk there, searching for some sea shells that would make a great picture, looking at the waves and the blue sky. Such a lovely time to listen to the waves crashing on the beach. The wind was still strong and was ripping water off the waves to carry it inland, creating a haze that was obscuring the view...

On the way to the lighthouse I was asking Mac on occasion to make a stop by the road when I saw something interesting. As always the poppies were my favorite. Such wonderful islands of colour in this dry land! The grasses made for an interesting accent to the scenery as well as interesting rock formations emerging from the sea..

We took a short walk at some point in our trip. It was great to see the blue of the Mediterranean Sea meeting the volcanic rock.

And as we were leaving my boys decided to leave a little mark of our visit (don't worry, all environmentally friendly :))

It's a lovely, lovely place and well worth visiting, if you are ever close by..


Drumheller - Part 1

Last weekend the whole family decided that we all need to go for a little day trip.  After this long winter, it was necessary.  So we decided that we haven't seen the heart of Alberta's dinosaur graveyard in a very long time.  Walk up in the early morning, packed lunch, and off we went to Drumheller.  Enjoy part one of the series.