Family at the beach

Recently we had a great pleasure to photograph a lovely family at the Astotin Lake.  I have to say, it was a wonderful time, and beautiful weather.  Time filled with laughter and happiness.  There is really not much I can say about the experience, only that it was one of those times when I really love being a photographer.  My wife felt the same.  It did not matter that one was shooting with Canon, and the other with Fuji.  It did not matter what lenses we had.  It was the beautiful family in front of us, and our ability to capture the fun, the smiles, and the love. family mother child photography edmonton

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Playing on the farm - Part 2

Continuing on the post from yesterday, here is the rest of the photos from the family photo session.  It was really a wonderful time, even when the kids got bored with all the cameras clicking away.  One thing I found is that as a photographer, I have to really pay attention, because moments go by very quick and I have to be ready to catch them.  Enjoy.

Playing on the farm - Part 1

Families that plays together, stays together as they say.  I had a honor to capture such family recently.  We drove down to Vegreville, as my buddy Randy Pond, knows of a little quiet farm on the outskirts of town that was a perfect location for the photo session.  Since I never like posing portraits, I let the 3 girls run around and just play, then invited the parents to join in the fun.  Here are the results. Enjoy.

Families Part 1

A good friend of mine asked me one day if I would be willing to take some photos of his family.  I jumped at the opportunity.  For months we were trying to schedule an outing, and finally  a few weeks ago we found a nice saturday morning.  Actually he managed to ask his sister-in-law and her family to join in the festivities.  So now I had two families to shoot, at the same time.  At first I thought it would be challenging, but everyone was quite at ease, and halfway into the shoot they were coming up with their own ideas which made my work considerably easier.  For the next several posts I'll be showcasing their photos.  Enjoy. Girl in a tree