April Sunset at Elk Island

The summer is in full swing now. We are all enjoying wonderful colors surrounding us wherever we go. I still remember, though, all the spring months, when I was impatiently awaiting this to happen. Being short of time, I really appreciated the rare moments when we could escape the city for a couple of hours and visit Elk Island National Park, here in Alberta, conveniently located about 40km east of Edmonton. It is always a pleasure to go and see what’s new. Especially in early spring, I go looking for first signs of new growth, even knowing that, most likely, there won’t be anything showing just yet. Still, if the weather is nice, one can enjoy the peace and quiet, without being eaten alive by mosquitoes (always a bonus, if you ask me). Here is a few shots I took during one such trip in April. There was still quite a lot of ice on Astotin Lake and some trees were covered by pussy willows, mostly though, the nature was still asleep. But the light was lovely and the sunset was pretty. All in all a lovely trip.