Jasper with Fuji - Alberta Landscape Photography

I have been off this blog for far too long.  I got images that are piling up, and gathering digital dust, waiting for their turn.  I think it's time to stop hiding behind the camera. 

Fuji has been with me for almost 4 years.  The love affair started with X100.  For some reason I did not mind it's quirks and quickly adapted.  All through these years, I've been shooting with Fuji, and I am still shooting with Fuji.  Countless images of weddings, boudoir, family, and landscapes.  Like fine wine, the cameras got better and better with age.  This is due to Fujifilm actually updating and upgrading their cameras.  There are not a lot of companies, which are so actively in touch with their user base.  Companies that listen and release updates, instead of new camera bodies, seemingly every few months.  I think this policy has won Fuji very loyal customers.  Will it change?  Possibly, but I believe the core will stay.  Just because the camera does not have the latest wifi, gps, video, or some other gadget, to some it means it's inferior.  Fortunately for those of us, that care about the images, and not the gear that we use, this is a very short sighted complaint.  There will always be something new around the corner.  A camera with that latest gadget, which, many think, will make them a better photographer. 

We know the true secret. 

Here are images from a trip to Jasper National Park in Canada that happened sometime last year.  I told you I got many images :)