When things don't go as planned and Fuji comes to the rescue.

When things don't go as planned and Fuji comes to the rescue.

On the onset of this little write up, just want to warn that the images attached to this post are not really safe for work :)

Had a great opportunity to shoot with Kate again.  She's an amazing model to work with.  Her understanding of poses, and light is second to none.  We planned an outside setting for the shoot, but it being autumn in Alberta, the weather did not cooperate.  That's one thing that went wrong. 

Smokin' - Conceptual Portrait Photography with Fuji XT1

Smokin' - Conceptual Portrait Photography with Fuji XT1

When I started with my photography, years and years ago, I was never keen on photographing people.  I was once told that my images, although very nice, looked like post cards.  They never featured my friends or family, only the nature and landscapes surrounding us. I wasn't deterred by it, and kept making images the way I liked. 

Miss J Enjoying the Sun - Edmonton Boudoir Photography

I, whole heartedly, believe that  any woman is beautiful and sensual, and will work wonderfully in front of a camera.

I have to warn you from the start, this post will have a lot of images.  I usually try to post the best from any session, but this one had so many winners, that I had really hard time picking the ones to show you.  It was one of the most rewarding boudoir sessions Kasia and me did together.  The weather was cooperating beautifully as well.  Our setting was outside in the shade of two apple trees.  Sun filtering through the leaves, and absolutely gorgeous woman.  It's a simple formula, and works very well :)

The whole session was a lot of laughs, and at one point even our little cat decided to join in for the fun.  The best part was after the session, when we were all sitting and reviewing the images, and Miss J was in shock.  She could not believe she looked like she did on the images.  I think that's most rewarding for a photographer, to see the clients eyes light up when seeing their images.

Don't get me wrong, boudoir photography is not as easy as it sounds :)  Each person is different, and certain poses work for one type of person, and will not work with another.  Being the photographer, one has to see what will work, and what will show off the beauty and sensuality of any woman.  The great thing is that as a photographer you don't have to rush.  It's not an event where everything is timing.  You can take your time, compose the shot and take it.  The best tip I can give you as a photographer, is to engage the her in a conversation.  Let her smirk, laugh, blush when you tell her how beautiful she looks.  All these little moments make for wonderful images.


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The great outdoors - Boudoir Photography

Choosing an outdoor location for your boudoir photography session can be a challenge.  Not only you have to be wary of the general public, who usually like to gawk, but also be wary of mosquitoes and other biting bugs.  Gawkers are a normal thing, since it's hard not to look at a beautiful woman, but the bugs can be a bit problematic, since they leave ugly bite marks on your skin.  Outdoor boudoir sessions are a lot of fun with tons of ideas that are rather difficult to shoot inside.  Since the light is very important, they are best to do in the early morning or in the evening.  During those times the sun light takes on a golden color and it is not as harsh as during the early afternoon hours of the day.  So with a little planning, an outdoor boudoir session can be very successful.  Here are some images from our latest session with Miss N.  Enjoy!

boudoir outdoor sexy edmonton boudoir photographer

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sexy woman boudoir outdoor edmonton photography

sexy woman outdoor glamour edmonton photography

woman sexy boudoir grass edmonton photographer

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sensual woman field alberta edmonton glamour photography

Masked - Boudoir Photography

When it comes to boudoir photography I really love using masks.  They add an air of mystery, seduction, and maybe a little ... je ne sais quoi.. :) This particular piece I found right before Halloween, in a costume store. When it comes to props during a boudoir session, they can enhance the look, or completely destroy it.  It's all about how they are being used.  One thing to keep in mind is to never over use them.  They should never distract from the subject.  In our boudoir sessions we seldom use props, unless they will enhance the session, or will create a certain mood that the you ,as a client, wants.  Sometimes props can be really simple, like his favorite shirt or a tie.  They can also reflect your personality, like your favorite cowboy hat, or boots.  Another great idea that may involve props, is to step out of your comfort zone a little and maybe do something risque, like having your boudoir session done... outdoors. :)  Like this one.  Enjoy!

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More Miss B in the boudoir studio - Boudoir Photography

Here are some more images of Miss B boudoir session, that we started yesterday.  Each boudoir session is different.  A new wardrobe change and it creates a whole new look.  Changes the mood, and feel.  It changes the flow of the session.  It can go from sensual and peaceful to something more energetic.  We love capturing movement, emotion, and energy.  This makes a wonderful and memorable boudoir session. sexy woman boudoir photographysensual woman glamour edmontonwoman boudoir sensual edmonton photographerphotography edmonton boudoir woman sexyglamour woman photography corsetfun boudoir photography edmontonwoman sexy sensual glamour photography

Miss B in the boudoir studio - Boudoir Photography

Had a great pleasure photographing Miss B boudoir session, recently.  It is so much fun shooting these private sexy, and sensual sessions with my wife shooting beside me.  We both create images a little differently, and this makes a huge difference.  She sees the little details, and I see the whole set.  My wife is also the joking type, and she will get you smiling and laughing very quick.  This really adds to the whole session, as you relax and have a lot of fun.  That's our main purpose, for you to have fun.  These sessions are a celebration of your beauty as a woman.   The sexy and sensual you!  Everyone is invited! Just like I talked about boudoir photography in an recent episode of Shutter Time with Sid and Mac. We usually do not post images from our clients, as they are quite personal, but we always ask for permission, and sometimes we are allowed.  Miss B was absolutely wonderful, and we had a great time.  Hope to see her again.

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Miss T - Boudoir Photography

A few weeks ago, we had a great pleasure of working with Miss T for her boudoir session in our studio.  Miss T brought an unusual item, specially for boudoir, her boxing gloves.  That added a new twist to the theme.  I encourage this very much in our boudoir photography sessions.  The sessions are very personal, and anything that can add a touch of you, something that makes the images unique is just brilliant.  We try to make our boudoir sessions an event.  Something that makes you feel special, like going to a spa and getting pampered.  That's what our boudoir session are like.  Fun, full of laughter and energy.  Just for you to feel super special. Usually we do not post any images from our sessions.  Well because they are kinda private, and personal.  From time to time we get permission from our special ladies to show a few, like Miss W boudoir session, and Miss T has graciously allowed us to show some of her images.  There are a lot more.... but only for Miss T :)

So why don't you give us a call and setup your own glamour, boudoir, sexy, photography session.

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Lifestyle Photography - Girl in the Orchard

7 sexy woman portrait lifestyle garden edmonton photographer

After the cold session of Sensual Portrait of a Girl in the Rain, I've decided to give the model a bit of a break, and just shoot a natural lifestyle portrait session in the garden.  It was a little windy, but I thought that this would bring a bit of life to the images.  The session was bordering on boudoir, but I wanted to approach it differently.  I wanted more of a natural fun in the garden portrait session.  I think I captured it.  Enjoy! portrait lifestyle girl woman garden edmonton photography

 portrait lifestyle orchard photography edmonton

portrait outdoor garden lifestyle sexy girl edmonton photographerlifestyle portrait edmonton photography

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Sensual Portrait of a Girl in the Rain

This idea came from another photographer, and it didn't exactly go as planned :)  I don't mind.  I was there shooting just for the fun of it.  Location wasn't what the other photographer envisioned either.  The whole set up was going to be "sad girl in the rain".... it didn't rain that morning.  Since we needed water, and at the original location access to water was difficult, we changed it to my back yard.  We simulated the rain with a hose.... needless to say, my wife got almost as wet as the Girl in the Rain.  It was a cold morning as well, so this took a few tries, as the poor, brave Brittany faced the cold weather and cold water. I was shooting with both the Fuji X-Pro1 and the Sony NEX-7.  Today I only shoot with these two cameras.  They are both great for weddings, engagements, portraits , landscape .... you name it.  They are small, light, and portable, and don't attract too much attention.  I highly, highly recommend both of these cameras.  Here are some images from the session in the "rain", where sad, turned to sensual.  Enjoy!


girl sexy rain watter portrait edmonton photographer

girl sexy boudoir edmonton photography

girl sexy water dress edmonton photographerwoman dress white water portrait edmonton photography

woman sexy outdoor portrait rain water photography

woman sexy edmonton boudoir photographysexy woman tree rain portrait photography

Edmonton boudoir in black and white

Having a session with Nicole is always fun.  She loves being photographed, and it shows.  The boudoir session we did, included several changes of lingerie, but it went along very smoothly.  It was really great.  Again, like previous post the whole session was shot with the Fuji X100.  Because the Fuji X100 is so quiet, Nicole was asking me if I took the shot, while I already took 3 :).  Here are some more images of Nicole. Enjoy!

Old style boudoir

I always found boudoir photography very empowering to my clients.  The whole idea is to make the woman feel strong, sexy, sensual, desirable... This is what I and my wife try to convey with our images.  I find that boudoir photography with second photographer, give much better results in the end.  My wife is wonderful at keeping the ladies entertained, relaxed, and smiling through out the session. This session with Nicole, and the ones in the next few posts, I was alone. Armed with one light, and a trusty Fuji X100.  The session went great, and Nicole was very happy with the results.  Enjoy!

Sexy in the Snow

Boudoir in the Snow

Boudoir in the Snow

I have shot Christmas boudoir with Jenna a last year and we wanted to take it one step further.  She is a great model to work with and she looks great in Christmas lingerie.  This time we wanted to do this outside, in the snow.  Just for fun. Edmonton gets cold in the winter so the challenge was upon us. Turned out to be a great session... cold, but great.  We traveled to Elk Island National Park, in the morning, knowing it's going to be deserted, and started shooting.  Great big thanks to Jenna for rocking the shoot.  It was awesome.  Enjoy!

Boudoir in the Snow

Boudoir in the Snow elk island park edmontonlingerie photographer edmonton

Boudoir in the SnowBoudoir in the Snow edmonton

One light, One Tilt-shift, and One Nicole


Could I call this a Randy-thon again?  I probably could, and should.  A gathering of photographers and models, all organized by Randy Pond.  Yes, it was a Randy-thon!  :)  I tagged along as always, and had a chance again to practice, play, and have fun.  I don't need a lot.  One light, my favorite tilt-shift lens, and a beautiful model to take photos of.  I have a few more images from this gathering, but for now here is my experiments with  one light.  Enjoy!

Christmas Boudoir.... to finish the old year!

boudoir photography
boudoir photography

Here is the last of the the Christmas Boudoir shot on location at my good friend, Randy Pond's, studio.  The model was the fabulous Jenna, and I have to say this was an awesome session.  Now I can't wait what the New Year will bring.  Enjoy.

Boudoir Photography

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