2nd Week DPC Olympics II Results

So the 2nd week has passed and Team Polska is number 1 again. If you are interested in the results, then click here. There was some grumbling from other teams that the point system favors the wining team. Right now it's 10 pts for 1st place, 6pts for 2nd, 4 pts for 3rd, 3 pts for 4th, and 2 pts for 5th. Now people are complaining that there is too big of a difference between 1st place and the rest. Giving unfair advantage to the winners. All I can say is bloody losers. Last time there were no complains when Team Iceland was winning. It took only 2 challenges for our team to catch up and pass them. Yes they came back and eventually won, but no one complained about the point system. If a team only enters with 5 people, instead of all 8, well then they should not be whining about point system. That's my take on it.