A Quick Photo Session - Scotland with Fuji

Highland Kine... I was hoping to see at least one of those during my Scottish adventure.. We have driven for a very long time and have seen them only once in a place, of course, where you could not stop and take pictures. However, during our trip back to the ferry on the Isle of Lewis, we have finally encountered these lovely creatures and had a nice photo session with a couple of them posing beautifully for pictures.  Now, I am a city girl and was quite happy to keep my distance from them but my travel companions seemed to have non of my doubts about getting close to those beautiful creatures... Well, fortunately, nothing bad happened and after a good 30 minutes we got back into our vehicle and drove away. Must say, I was quite surprised to see how friendly they were and, as models go, these were very cooperative ;D.  Here is a few shots I have taken during that short stop.