A Year In Macro Photography

Our recent chat about macros on a podcast Shuttertime with Sid and Mac has given me an idea for this post.  We were talking about the fact that it is easy to shoot macros all year round, for it doesn't requite taking any long trips to exotic places or getting up at a crack of dawn. All you need is a decent macro lens or extension tubes, a few plants in your backyard or a trip to the park with your family and you can always find something interesting to shoot. Whether it is a cool plant, a bug or a spider web there really always is something out there to take pictures of. As long as you find an interesting angle or a colourful background  you can came back home with tons of gorgeous shots.  I start the year with a trip to one of the neighbourhood nurseries in early May, before our outdoor planters can be filled safely with growing things.  It is always a great pleasure to look at all the beautifully colourful flowers just waiting for the weather to warm up enough for safe planting and the bugs are usually there as well. A couple of hours of being lost in such surroundings and I come back home with a memory card full of shots.   Here is a few of such spring shots that kept me happy over the recent years before the outside world turned green:

Then, things are starting to bloom outside and I start taking my camera out and about to see what new things are showing up out there.  I have shared some spring images I took close by in my post Spring 2013 so I'm going to just include a couple of more recent shots today:

During the podcast we have mentioned the fact that having an interestingly coloured background makes a difference. Here is an example - a couple of shots of the same spider web covered in dew and how the angle of the shot, utilizing different colours of the background, makes a difference:

Summer! Ah.. This is a macro photographer's paradise.. Over the last couple of years I have gathered so many wonderful shots and they've kept me very happy during long winter months..

There is always something magical in catching reflections in water droplets.. You can see the whole world inside a drop if you find a proper angle. It's always so much fun!!! And if you don't want to bother with these there is always the occasional trip into the country. I try always to take my macro lens with me. You never know what you'll find on such an outing..

And if you are tired of all that colour, you can always play a bit with an image and come up with something like that:

Fall has it's own pleasurable moments with it's fogs turning into frost and covering all and a wonderful soft, warm light.  There is always something that catches my eye..

During winter months I try to find something at home that can be photographed. Whether it is my son's guitar or a flower that was given to me, it makes not very big difference except it is not always easy to get good, strong light inside. I still go out and explore if I can. It may be cold, but if the weather conditions are right one can find little treasures outside, such as a couple of snowflakes (I've shared a few of those in my post Beauty of a Snowflake - Part 3) or frost covered foliage:

So keep on shooting guys.  There is really no need for long trips to exotic locations and you don't need too much time . Just a few minutes here and there. Cool stuff can be found everywhere!!