Almeria and Alcazaba Castle

We have decided one morning to go for a ride to Almeria and visit Alcazaba castle located on one of the hills in the middle of the city.  Our friend Sandra was kind enough to be our guide and led us through the city to the castle grounds.  Mac has already shared some of his pictures from that trip in his post Spanish Streets, Castle and Fuji X-PRO1. And here is what I saw that day..

Yes, I know, this is quite a pink place. The colour was so startling mids the more earthy palette of all the rest of the buildings that I had to take a picture of it ;)

The view from the castle located on top of a hill is quite remarkable. The blues of Mediterranean Sea contrast beautifully with the greens of the gardens and the pinkish rock that was used to build the castle.  Unfortunately great part of it was destroyed in an earthquake in 1522. Restorations started in 1950s.

Hope you have enjoyed this short tour. If you ever are close by I heartily encourage you to go and visit this lovely place.  It's too bad part of it is still in ruin, but I can imagine just how lovely it was during the time of it's glory.