April Sunset

It is so good to go out into the country in spring and enjoy the fact that all that snow is finally gone. Yes, the prairies don’t get green too fast, but, if you are lucky, you get to enjoy a lovely sky, with big clouds and wonderful sunset colors. Couple of years ago (I can’t believe it’s been already such a long time!!) we took a ride outside the city in early April and have been given such a lovely sky to watch. You can tell when spring is coming by the types of clouds forming in the sky. The storms, brought on by clashes of cold and warm air, make the still bare landscape so much more appealing. It’s can be rather cold at times, especially towards the evening, but one doen’t really mind much. It’s always a good idea to bring some warmer coat, hat and gloves, while traveling the prairies in spring. Our weather is quite capricious and, often changes very quickly, thus preparing for such an outing one needs to consider the conditions. However, if planned well, such expeditions can be fantastic. Sometimes, you can even bring back some lovely pictures, just like that time ;D