Cabo De Gata and more Fuji X-Pro Landscapes

Our Spanish leg of the European tour was coming to an end, and there were so many places we haven't visited.  One place I decided to take the family was a natural park in Cabo de Gata.  It's a mix of volcanic rocks, magnificent mountains and rugged Mediterranean coast line.  Perfect landscape opportunities for the Fuji X-Pro1 and a 18mm lens.  The sky, unfortunately was pure blue, which does not make it interesting at all.  But that's what happens on vacation, where you are bound by time.  Do what you can with time and place presented.  I tried doing just that.  Very opportunistic photography, but the 18mm proved to be a wonderful landscape lens.  Enjoy! cabo de gata spain fuji landscapespain coast fuji landscapespain mountain landscape xpro1spain landscape fujispain coast mediterranean fuji xpro1cabo de gata spain landscape xpro1family kids spain fujifamily spain coast landscape fujispain coast sea landscape xpro1mediterranean fuji xpro1 spain wavesvolcanic spain rocks landscape