Canada Day Fireworks in Edmonton

I was debating with myself, if I should post these, as unfortunately it's a perfect illustration of a mistake.  One big mistake, of being lazy. Almost every year we venture into the Edmonton downtown to view the spectacular fireworks display on Canada Day.  This year, we figured we are going to try a different venue.  So we got there a few hours before the show, and were greeted with huge masses of people.  Obviously we weren't there early enough.  After about 30 min of walking and searching for a spot, we settled on a little grassy area that was promising a fairly good view of the fireworks.  The sun was slowly setting, and I took a couple of shots, to see how everything worked.  Then we set up our cameras on tripods, and settled it to way.  As we waited more and more people started to gather, and most were incredibly rude.  No care of others, and if I didn't tell the kids to stand up, they would have been stepped on.  Some decided to settle right in front of us, blocking the view completely.  Since I didn't want to get into any trouble, I just moved my tripod. The show was quite spectacular, but here is the big mistake I made... I took the wrong lens.  I thought that from the new location, we will be close enough for me to use the 8mm fisheye lens.  Unfortunately I was wrong, and in hind sight, I should have known.  Well at least we enjoyed the show, and I did manage to rescue a few images.