DPC Olympics week 3

So submission time for week 3 challenges is upon us. The challenges were Blurry Mess and Pollution. Our team was comparing Blurry Messes all weak. I must say that it is not as easy as you think. Not only does the picture has to be a blurry mess, but also it has to be interesting. I figured there is going to be a lot abstract photos submitted for this challenge. Pollution on the other hand, I thought was a little easier. A very good friend of mine, acquired some authentic Russian military gas masks (when I asked him why, he replied for scaring neighbors!), so I borrowed one of them and shot this photo:


My first thoughts were to actually visit a city garbage dump, but that did not turn out to be easy. So I piled some of our garbage on the deck, had Konrad put on the mask and some rubber gloves, and play on the deck. He was really enjoying himself. Even wanted to wear the gas mask to school.
Blurry Mess pictures came out ok, but not the greatest:

Color paint

Flower paint

Blurry Flower

I think I will be submitting for the Pollution challenge. Might stand a better chance, since there are twice as many blurry messes submitted as pollution. Comments?