Fading Light: The Film Adventures

As the film adventure progresses, I find myself more accepting and creating images that I would usually not create.  I'm talking about the fact that film has a set speed.  I cannot increase the ISO because the conditions require me to.  I'm dependent on the film that is inside the camera.  I've learned that having ISO 100 film in the camera is great for normal daylight photography, but during sunset, or right after the light fades rather quickly, and the ISO 100 is not sensitive enough, and it definitely requires a tripod, or very steady hands.  As some of these images show, I had neither.  

This is the time where mind goes into an experimentation mode.  What makes this a little more challenging is the fact that on a film camera you cannot preview images, and see if your experiment worked.  You just have to trust your instincts.  I was hoping that, the images I experimented with would work, and they did.  After developing the film (that process is getting easier and more of routine with every roll), I was very happy to discover that the images came out the way I intended.  

Shooting with film on old cameras, has it set of challenges.  I think that overcoming those challenges, makes you a stronger, better photographer.  You have a different set of decisions to be had before leaving. You have a different set of questions to ask yourself, while on location.  A set of challenges that cannot be solved with your camera. For now the Big Film Adventure continues.  Enjoy!