First sign!

Finally!!! First signs of Spring! I took a drive today to see if there are any pussy willows finally out there and to my great pleasure I have found some!! My trip was rather eventful, because not only I have found what I was looking for but also what I wasn't.. You ask, what else I found? Well, a bit of car trouble :(.  As I stopped by the side of the road to pick up a few branches I have turned on my hazard lights thinking, better safe than sorry, even if there was no traffic on this particular road.  As I was getting ready to go back home I reached to turn off the lights and they wouldn't. What's more, the switch, after being pressed slightly harder than before decided to disappear under my dashboard... Needless to say, after I got home I had to drop off my lovely branches and drive me and the kids to the service station to have my car fixed.. I bit ironic to drive to the service centre just to have the hazard lights fixed, don't you think?! ;D On the way there I've met a lot of very nice people who on, almost each set of red lights, asked me if I was aware that my hazard lights ware on.. I thank you strangers for noticing and taking time to let me know! It was very kind of you! And though I was fully aware, this time, I am very happy to say that people still care!  And the best part is that I have finally gotten to see the first true signs that Spring is here and that I am able to share them with you!! And though I am sure we still are going to face uncertain weather I wish us all a very happy Spring!!! Kasia