Fuji in Europe Part 16 - Nuremberg Castle

The Castle

The Nuremberg Imperial Castle is an impressive building dating from around 1150AD.  It was restored to it's original shape, as it was almost completely destroyed during the last war.  The main Luginsland Tower is open to visitors, and can be climbed with a promise that one can actually see the Bavarian mountains.  I was a little disappointed with the view, since the mountains turned out to be little hills far off in the distance :)  The view of the Nuremberg on the other hand is quite spectacular.  A sea of red roofs punctuated by sharp points of church towers.  It's a beautiful sight.  After we climbed down from the tower, we wondered about the beautiful gardens around the castle.


This is where I screwed up.  Most of the shots from the tower were done with Fuji X100s.  I did not realize that my compensation dial moved to -2, but putting the camera in the bag.  I should have paid better attention, why the images were coming out so dark.  I guess I was too excited to see the "mountains", and the views from the tower.  A lesson to be learned from that day.  Check your dials before putting the camera to your eye.  :)