Fuji in Europe Part 18 - Hidden little gem

A Gem

Right next to the cemetery, hidden from view, is one of the most beautiful little parks in Nuremberg.  It's surrounded by 4 story buildings, and it's very easy to miss.  It's a perfect little quiet spot away from the busy traffic of everyday.  It has a little restaurant at the entrance with a lovely patio.  Perfect for a cup of coffee and a bit of peace and quiet.  It's filled with manicured shrubbery, old statues and fountains.  One can stroll along gravel paths, and as the affinity for sundials is strong in Nuremberg (they can be found on most buildings), there is a sundial made out of small bushes, at one end of this park.  Perfect little spot.


Again, as with the cemetery, Fuji XT1 and the Fuji 56mm f1.2 came out to play.  I love the soft bokeh this lens creates, and it was perfect for what I wanted to shoot in the park.