Fuji in Europe Part 22 - Falling in love with Prague

One thing I have to say I like about the Czechs.  They know how to play up to tourists.  The old city hall tower has an observation deck, which is accessible and the views are stunning.  Now, all the German towns and cities also had towers with observation decks.  The only difference is that the Czechs were smart, and installed a nice elevator in the tower, Germans are a little more primitive, and if one wanted to see the top, one had to use the old way of climbing, namely stairs.  I could almost say the this was a stair climbing trip.  It was a hot and humid day, and since I'm lazy (one of the reasons I shoot with the Fuji cameras now) :) , so having access to an elevator was blessing :) . Of course if you feel like continue the masochistic ritual of climbing stairs, you can.  The views from the tower, as I said above were brilliant.  The whole city on the palm of my hand.  The clouds started breaking allowing for sun to peak through.  Even though there were a lot of people, all tourists and speaking different languages, they were friendly, and courteous.  After the views from the tower, we started around the square, where at least 4 weddings were going on, and we turned our way towards the palace and cathedral.


The views from the city hall tower, required only one lens.  Of course the Fuji 10-24mm, but because of uneven lighting coming from the beautiful skies, I found the HDR process to work best for these images.  Besides the Fuji 56mm lens, I have to say that the Fuji 10-24mm is my second favorite lens.  I really like the wide view it produces, and the quality of images.  It's light, and a joy to use.  Images just speak for themselves.