Fuji in Europe Part 26 - The streets of Bamberg.

From the hill where the Altenburg Castle is located, it's a short drive the town of Bamberg.  As mentioned in the previous post, it's a very old city, and very beautiful.  Walking around the streets on a beautiful sunday afternoon, there are lots of people relaxing, and enjoying the views.  Most shops are closed on Sundays, which actually is quite a nice change from Canadian market, that seems to be open 24/7.  It's a very nice change of pace, providing ample opportunities for street photography.  Armed with Fuji X100s, it's quite easy to just walk around and hip shoot, anything and anyone that seems interesting.  I've talked about the silent stealth of this camera in previous post, and here it didn't fail either.  Even when brought to the eye level, people usually ignore it, because it's small and nondescript. Most actually think it's an old film camera, because of it's looks.  Not that the other Fuji cameras, the X-Pro1 and the XT1 are more visible. Their shutters are a little louder, but nothing compared to a full sized DSLR.  So all Fuji cameras I had, work perfectly for quiet street photography.  I just wished I was better at it :)