Harris and Lewis - Impressions 2

When traveling you don't always have an opportunity to wait for good conditions to take pictures. Sometimes you get lucky and you hit the perfect weather and light and sometimes you just have to make due with what you get.  If you have opportunity to go back to a place, or wait for better conditions you are golden, but for me, especially during my trip to Scotland, I had to come up with ways to deal with the conditions I have encountered, not willing to lose the opportunity for a picture. After all I have a feeling I won't be back to some of the places we have visited.  I think, I did pretty good considering. Mind you, my opinion is pretty bias. Don't tell me if you disagree, though ;D. 

I am quite happy with the way both of the Fuji cameras I took with me handled the conditions. What is quite wonderful about them is the fact that I could completely skip HDRs and still end up with well defined sky in most cases. I do love my clouds and go to some lengths to make sure they are not overly burned. To me they are a very important part of the landscape and having a camera that handles the range of light as beautifully as the Fuji X series does is a huge bonus.

But, enough of that, Here are the shots from our last day of Harris and Lewis, when we drove back to the ferry terminal to catch a ride back to Skye. Enjoy!